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Loggers loading


During development and sometimes during UAT I preferrer to load the assemblies localy instead of loading then into GAC, in order to do it with DTLoggedExec I had to make a tiny change in the source code to enable me the possibility to specify the libray and class to load.
Did I miss something or the tool doesn't enable the loading of dll's that aren't load in GAC?


manowar wrote Jul 6, 2009 at 6:49 PM

DTLoggedExec load DTLoggedExec Log Providers assemblies at runtime. It doesn't look in the GAC, it just looks in the program directory. Of course the assemblies related to the SSIS engine are take from the GAC, but this is something that cannot be changed, since they are used by the SSIS engine itself.

Which kind of library you would like to load?

The code that handles runtime loading of DTLoggedExec Log Providers is the method CreateCustomEventHandler in the Program.cs file.

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