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Running DTLoggedExec in 64bits environment using 32bits ssis engine


have a develoment environment that uses 32bits ssis, but in uat and production the environment is 64bits, the problem is that ssis packages must be compiled in order to run in 64bits ssis, how could I use the DTLoggedExec 32bits in a 64bits environment? is just compile to 32bits and deploy it in the 64bits box? I tried and didn't worked.


manowar wrote Jul 6, 2009 at 6:45 PM

A package is just an XML file, so it should run without problems in 32bit and 64 bit enviroments. If you're using a Script Task just remember that you have to Pre-Compile the script in order to make it runnable in 64bit:

But this is if you want to run the package using the 64bit runtime engine. If you want to execute a package in 32bit mode, even on 64bit machine, you just have to execute the DTLoggedExec from the "x86" directory instead of using the one from "Any" folder.
In this way the package will run in 32bit mode even on 64bit machines.

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